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  Say No to "Single-use Plastic" Campaign

Marine waste is a significant contributor to habitat loss and impacts on biodiversity. Not only widely reported overseas, various marine lives like turtles have been discovered to ingest marine litter, and a lot of fish bite marks were found on marine litter stranded along the coastlines in Hong Kong. Wildlife entanglement by marine litter also seriously threatens the survivorship of our local marine species, for example horseshoe crabs and the cetaceans. Marine refuse can also damage the important marine habitats like the coral communities, seagrass beds and mangroves, causing adverse consequences to the numerous associated marine species, while unfortunately many of these habitats were heavily polluted by marine litter.
These impacts on marine biodiversity by marine litter have been recognized by the government and some of the public, but it is not enough. An annual amount of around 15,000 tonnes of marine refuse has been collected every year by the various government departments in the recent years, while enormous amount of litter is still left unattended in the remote beaches, sea caves and underwater which shows the seriousness of the problem. We are calling for a comprehensive strategic plan to tackle the problem from the source in addition to the current efforts, and all of the citizens, the business sector and the government should play their role.


I pledge to reduce my use of the following single-use plastic items:

If I do use any of the above items, I pledge to reuse or recycle them after use if possible.



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